Meet Magz

Hi, I’m Magdalene. My friends call me Magz. (You can call me either, as long as you say it nicely. :))

This blog is where I share my journey with you trying to find a little piece of holiness in every day. Sometimes it’s crazy, sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s downright hard… but it’s ALWAYS worth it.

I’m so glad you’re joining me!

I’m a 4’10” Indian-American/Adopted Brit. I was born and raised an East Coast (Baltimore) girl.

25 years later I fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved across the pond to England. I lived in London for 5 amazing years, then moved to Yorkshire, and finally the Midlands, which has been ‘home’ for the last 12 years.

God has been on my side since my impatient entry into this world (6 weeks early) at the whopping size of 2 lbs 14 oz. My dad tells me the doctors said, ‘Choose which one to save, your wife or your daughter’. He said, ‘save both’. Thanks to him, (and of course, the incredible doctors,) we’re both here today.

It’s been a roller-coaster sometimes, but God has been with me through so many struggles- living with family members who suffer from addictions and mental illness, divorce, relocating to a foreign country, and depression, to name a few. He has also blessed me beyond measure through all of it.

It will be no surprise that my faith in God has been a constant. However, my home for worship has been varied to say the least. I was brought up in a Methodist church, went to Catholic school, regularly attended my grandparents’ Presbyterian church, joined a happy-clappy Church of England congregation in London, had a crisis of faith and checked out a Jewish synagogue for several years, decided I couldn’t deny Jesus, so went to a Unitarian church for a little while and FINALLY found my spiritual home in the Greek Orthodox faith that my husband, daughters and I have belonged to since 2008. (Wowsers!)

The picture below is from May 2008 when our daughters were baptised and my husband and I were chrismated into the Church.


Speaking of which, my better half/father of my children/partner in crime/drives me totally bonkers/couldn’t love him more/beloved husband (also known as Chris) and I have been married for 11 years and have three daughters between the ages of 7 and 10 yrs old. We love them more than life itself, but you know, we have those days. *Those* days, when you think you might just walk out the door and never come back? Yep, we have *those* days too. It’s all good. :)

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